General OKR Software Features
Overview of each OKR SaaSSimple OKR tool and they offer good training on OKRs.Lattice is performance management software for medium-sized companies. It focuses on the 360 reviews, real-time feedback, weekly check-ins, and basic goal setting.
OKR Software Price$20 / user / month$8 / user / month
Unified and Integrated OKR Goals setting + Performance Management
Company/Corporate Organizational Chart
OKR Goal Alignment Chart
All SaaS Native IntegrationsNot Native: only through 3d-party apps (Zapier, etc.)
Customer Size (Best Fit For)Small - Midsize: 10-1000Midsize: 100-2000
OKR Software Customers (Users)Vattenfall , Tradedoubler, VE Interactive
OKR Dashboard & Goals/Progress Analytics basic dashboard, no deep analytics basic reports are possible
Native Mobile OKR management Apps (or just Responsive Website)Native iOS app, Native Android appWebsite - responsive
OKR SaaS Admin Roles & Access Permissions
True OKR System
Visual OKR Goals Alignment Chart
OKR Goals Assignable to Departments & Groups Just Company, Team and Individual
Collaborative Social OKR Goals: Praise, Nudge, Comment
OKR Goal Alignment Automation
Shared Goals & Assign to Department, Group or Team
Range Goals (Advanced) & Min, Max & Threshold Tracking Capability
Real 1-on-1 meetings unified and integrated with OKRs
Unified OKR & Weekly Planning
OKR History & Tracked Progress Timeline
OKR Status Tracking
Company Org Chart & Structure
Track of History of, Prior quarters and Years
Custom Reports by Time
Assign Objectives to Anyone
KR Reassignment & KR Ownership
Real-Time News Feed
Communication - Comments
Notifications - Mobile, Email
True, Native Integrations - Salesforce, Jira
OKR Goal Cross-Alignment (Ability to align goals across business units & hierarchies)
Automated "Red / Yellow / Green" Status Progress Calculation (vs Manual update)
Goal Weigts / Weighing
OKR colored tags / categories
Draft Mode (for Planning & Setting Goals)
Ability to switch Nomenclature between Goals & Objectives
Advanced OKR SaaS Features
True OKR System
Full OKR Goal Alignment Capability - Align Any Goals with Complete Algorithmic Contributions
OKR Goal Cross-Alignment (Ability to align goals across business units & hierarchies)
Range OKR Goals (Advanced) – Min, Max & Threshold Tracking Capability
Measurability Works With Both with KRs and with Sub-Objective Contributions Too
Goal Weighing
OKR Colored Tags / Categories / Buckets
Draft Mode (for Planning & Setting Goals)
KR Reassignment & Change KR Ownership
Range Goals (Advanced) & Min, Max & Threshold Tracking Capability
Architected to Assign goals to Business Units, Departments, Teams and Individuals (not merely just individuals)
OKR Visualizations
Interactive Goal Alignment Chart
Interactive Company Organizational Chart
Home Page - Visual Charts & Dashboards
Smart OKR Dashboards & Analytics
Strong Reporting Across all OKR Goals
Corporate Strategy Planning (Connect Strategy to Objectives) Features
Corporate Strategy - Visual One-Page Strategy Plan
Annual Plan - Ability to Connect Quarterly Goals to Yearly Goals and Visualize Them
1-on-1 Meeting Module Features
Real 1-on-1 unified and integrated with OKRs
Unified and Integrated OKR + Performance Management
Custom 1-on-1 Question Bank / Templates
Private Notes in Each 1-on-1 to be Used in a Performance Appraisal
Corporate Goals Analytics, Dashboards & Reporting
Home Page - Visual OKR Charts & Dashboards
Smart OKR Dashboards & Analytics
Predictive Analytics - Trajectory and Gap Analysis
Data-Driven BI for Goals Management
Advanced Dynamic Reporting
See all the "At Risk" Goals at Company, Department, Team Level
Reporting for "Executive Teams"
Reporting on User Engagement
People Directory with Analytics & Stats
Goal Attainment Trajectory Chart for Every Goal & KR
OKR Software Integrations
Single Sign-On
Okta SSO
Google SSO
Salesforce CRM
OKR Software Architecture & Data Model
Ability for Deep/Infinite Goal Hierarchy & Alignment
Built for Enterprise-Grade Scalability
BI-grade Analytics & Data-Driven Structure
Built on "Best in Class" Using Modern Technology Stack that is applied by Top-Tier Enterprises (Technology Stack for Analytical, Scaleable and Robust SaaS Platforms)n/a
Robust Database Infrastructure (ORDBMS, In-Memory Database & Graph Database)n/a
Cloud Infrastructure & Security: Amazon AWS. Salesforce Heroku, Cloudflaren/a